Committees and Sign-Up

Our group is comprised of several collaborative teams that all work in unison to make the event possible. Each team serves different, essential roles that come together like puzzle pieces to make the best outcome possible.

You can sign up and join a committee here.

This committee will handle things such as donations from community members and local businesses, reimbursements, and payments for use of facilities, insurance, rentals, etc.

This committee will handle the event application and coordination of over-arching parts of North Coast Pride.

This committee will handle issues of accessibility for the entire event, including the parade, day-of events, and events leading up to North Coast Pride. It is strongly recommended that each of the other committees consults with the Accessibility committee in order to keep the event inclusive for our community members.

Publicity & Outreach
This committee will handle outreach to the community through multiple means – websites, Facebook, posters, newspapers, radio, word-of-mouth, etc.

This committee will handle coordinating volunteers for the various aspects of the event – both events prior to North Coast Pride and on the day of.

Youth Club
This committee will work with local youth groups (high school GSAs, QMAP, The Ravens Project, etc.) and have youth representation on the committee. This committee will also focus on ensuring the event provides an all-ages event.

Month/Week Of Events
This committee will handle events leading up to North Coast Pride. These events can include but are not limited to: anti-racism workshop (this has a 90% chance of happening), queer allyship workshop, QTPOC spaces, poster-making for the parade, monitor training (for both the parade and the event, this has a 90% chance of happening), etc.

Day Of Events
This committee will handle any events that happen on the day of the event in the Plaza (except the parade). This can include but is not limited to: a children’s area (one community member has already expressed interest in creating this space), entertainment, stages, etc.

Food and Non-Profit Tabling
This committee will handle inviting and coordinating community non-profits that serve the Queer/LGBTQ population and several food venders. This will be for on the day-of, on the Plaza, and the committee will work closely with the day-of events group.

This committee will handle the parade and all logistics that go with it – finalizing a parade route, putting up barricades/cones on the parade route, coordinating and inviting people, floats, and vehicles to march in the parade, etc.

Committee Liaisons
Each committee will have a chair that will also act as a liaison to the Logistics Committee in order to centralize information, ensuring everyone is on the same page.