A Humboldt LGBTQ+ Community


[Image description: The Redwood Pride Logo. A tree comprised of two black triangles, a pink triangle, and a pink rectangle, with the words “Redwood Pride” on top of it, with a rainbow banner in the background. All elements are encased in a black circle.]

Redwood Pride is built on the foundations of inclusivity, hope, and acceptance for everyone.

Announcement letter for organizations and vendors interested in participating in the Pride event:

Hello North Coast Community Members,

Redwood Pride is a grass-roots effort to create a 2017 LGBTQIA+ event of inclusion, celebration, reflection and action for the greater North Coast region. Redwood Pride calls on the community for awareness, healing, and change. We are asking for your support and understanding and as we create this event, and we invite your participation.

Working under the non-profit umbrella of The Ink People and the Humboldt LGBTQ+ Community Space Project, our loosely-organized group has been collaborating under unprecedented social and political circumstances at home and abroad, including a divided queer community and the November 2016 closure of the non profit organization that previously organized a yearly Pride event.

The scope of the current effort is limited to a few fundraisers and a week of community-building events culminating in a Pride parade/march and festival at the Arcata Plaza on Sunday September 24th, 2017. Due to time limitations, many long term planning and organizational structure/policy decisions are being deferred until after this event, in the hope of engaging more people to help make sound, informed decisions for the future.

We have decided that we are paying specific attention to involving marginalized groups (trans community, queer people of color, and queer people with disabilities, access considerations, or mental health considerations, among others) within the greater queer community. We are working to create a safer space for those who may not feel safe or may have felt excluded from such events in the past.
The parade/march will be open to everyone, individuals and organizations. The festival, smaller in size than in recent years, will include food and drink vendors, artists/craftspeople (both LGBTQIA+ and ally), and informational booths for non-profits and queer service providers. Alcohol will not be served or sold at the event.

In lieu of providing space for merchants who wish to sell goods and services at this event, we ask that businesses consider making a sponsorship donation in good faith for future long-term organizing efforts. We are willing to consider merchants on a case-by-case basis, but hope to limit such discussions. It is the sincere hope of this group that queer-owned, queer-employing, and queer-serving businesses and non-profits in the region will strive to develop and maintain long-standing relationships with queer organizations serving the community. We envision engaging to discuss topics such as allyship, gender-neutral bathrooms, and other concerns that affect the queer community and the region.

We appreciate donations from anyone, not just businesses or non-profits, and the good faith expressed is to the community at large. Donations can be made in the name of Redwood Pride to the Ink People. All contributors will be listed on the Redwood Pride website, thanked with a press release after the event, and be included in discussions when the community is ready to make long-term plans.

If you or your organization is interested in selling food, sharing your art, doing informational tabling, marching in the Parade, or making in-kind donations, please look for the on-line form athttps://redwoodpride.wordpress.com or email northcoastqueers@gmail.com.


Redwood Pride 2017 Logistics Committee

News: Community meetings will be spread out through the next two months! Feel free to join a meeting and offer your help to the team!


[Image description: A poster, containing the information for Redwood Pride community meetings, with the Redwood Pride Logo and a rainbow embellishment.]

Our annual pride event will be taking place on September 24, 2017 in the Arcata Plaza! Our event will include a parade, performances, and services for celebrating who we are as LGBTQ+ people. We want to let the world know that we are here!

More information on assisting the community and helping put together such a big event can be found here.

If you are interested in signing up for a committee on the Redwood Pride team, you can find a link here to express your interests and what crews you would like to sign up for. Volunteers are always welcome, and we greatly appreciate any and all help!

More information will be arriving on the event’s layout, scheduling, and more as further information is provided. Thank you all, and happy Redwood Pride!

(Image courtesy of humboldtlistings.com)

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